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"Are your thoughts your own?" is a short documentary that looks for the boundary between knowledge and faith. It follows the activism of a man who is questioning reality as it was taught to him for his entire life, discovering where he finds the strength to keep spreading the word of the Flat Earth and the reasons behind it. A journey from believing to understanding. Is what we know true or a simple belief?

My short documentary tries to dig up and discover the reasons behind the activism of a man from Edinburgh who made of the Flat Earth belief his only purpose in life. It's a respectful and different look at a group of people which has often been made fun of or labelled as crazy. It is not a documentary in support of the Flat Earth movement neither is against it. My aim with this documentary is to create curiosity and engage the critical thinking of the audience, transforming the way in which we think about and look at everyday life. I do so by presenting the audience with the inside of my own mind, with my beliefs and doubts, in order to have them start their own reasoning.